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Button Clothespin Daisy Flowers

In the world of crafts, there is a delightful trend that combines the simplicity of a button, the functionality of a clothespin, and the beauty of daisy flowers. So, why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary with button clothespin daisy flowers? Let’s get started!!!


– 1 inch buttons (5 for each flower)
– Heart buttons if you want to make the leaf
– Mini Wooden Clothespins 
– Mini Craft Sticks
– Cardstock paper
– 1.5″ or 2″ circle punch (or you can cut your own circles)
– Hot glue gun
– Green marker

Hot glue your buttons onto the top of your mini clothespins

Color your mini craftsticks green and glue heart buttons (heart bumps facing each other) to another clothespin. Clip heart button clothespin to colored craft stick.

Punch out circles from your card stock paper. Place button clothespins around the circle.

Glue tip of craft stick onto back of card stock circle.

Admire your fun flowers!

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