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How to Make A Patriotic Clothespin Flag Wreath

Celebrate your love for your country with a unique and eye-catching patriotic clothespin flag wreath. This DIY project is not only a fun way to express your patriotism but also a beautiful addition to your home decor. Hang your completed clothespin flag wreath on your front door, above your fireplace, or anywhere else you want to display your love for your country. This wreath is not only a beautiful decoration but also a symbol of your patriotism and pride.


  • Clothespins (about 75)
  • Satin spray paint – red, white & blue
  • Ivory or white card stock paper
  • Star hole punch
  • Glue or tacky glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • White ribbon (1-1.5″ thick)
  • 12″ wire wreath

Crafting Instructions

  • Paint wire wreath white.
  • Spray paint clothespins red & white (about 25 each).
  • Spray paint clothespins blue (about 20).
  • Punch out 100 white stars w/ star punch.
  • When blue paint is dry, glue 5 stars to the front of each blue clothespin.
  • Attach clothespins according to instructions in the video.
  • Use 5 red, then alternate to 5 white; repeat so there’s 5 sets of red & white.
  • Affix blue/star clothespins in remaining space on wire wreath
  • Cut & tie ribbon to back of the wreath. Hang wherever you’d like!

*Note* I ordered the clothespins off Amazon. They came clipped to little cardboard strips. I left them on the strips to paint one side. When that side was dry, I was easily able to flip over and paint the other side.

For best results, do two coats, and be careful to get on the insides of the clothes pins as well so the natural wood doesn’t peek through.

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