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Cinnamon DIY Candle Holder

Create your very own homemade candle holder using cinnamon sticks for a unique and aromatic touch to your home decor. This simple do-it-yourself project involves gluing cinnamon sticks around a glass jar or candle holder to create a warm and inviting centerpiece. Not only does it add a cozy ambiance to any room, but it also releases a delightful cinnamon scent when the candle is lit. You can customize your cinnamon DIY candle holder by adding other embellishments such as twine, ribbon, or dried flowers for a personalized touch. This project is perfect for those looking to add a touch of warmth and charm to their living space without breaking the bank. Whether you're creating a centerpiece for a special occasion or simply want to add a cozy element to your home, this cinnamon DIY candle holder is a fun and easy way to get creative with your decor.

Cinnamon DIY Candle Holder Supplies:

  • 1 4 oz Jelly Jar
  • 1 12 inch piece of Twine or Baker’s Twine
  • 19 – 25 Cinnamon Sticks (how many you need depends on how large they are)
  • Scissors
  • 1 Tealight Candle or LED Candle

First thing you want to do is place the candle you want to use in the jar.

Now, you want to tie the twine around the jar. Be sure to leave a large gap when you tie it, so that we can place the cinnamon sticks in place.

The next step is a little tricky. We need to place the cinnamon sticks around the jar. If you are gluing them in place, this will not be hard for you and you may even want to do so before you tie the twine. But if you are doing like I did and not gluing them in place, we need to slide a few in on one side of the jar, then while kinda holding those upright, slide a few in on the other side of the jar. That way it holds the twine up in place so that we can carefully add the rest of the cinnamon sticks around the jar, pushing and moving them as need until the whole jar is wrapped with cinnamon sticks.

The last step to your DIY candle holder is to tie a bow in the twine. You do that the same way you would tie your shoe. That is it! You now have a very cute country looking candle holder!

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