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Magnetic Bobbin Holder

Introducing the Magnetic Bobbin Holder, a revolutionary tool that will transform your sewing experience! This innovative device is designed to securely hold your bobbins in place, preventing them from unraveling and creating a mess. Gone are the days of searching for lost bobbins or dealing with tangled threads. With the Magnetic Bobbin Holder, you can keep all your bobbins organized and easily accessible. Not only does the Magnetic Bobbin Holder keep your bobbins organized, but it also allows you to easily see the thread colors at a glance. No more guessing which bobbin matches your fabric! The transparent cover protects your bobbins from dust and debris, ensuring that they stay clean and ready to use. Say goodbye to messy sewing spaces and hello to a more efficient and enjoyable sewing experience with the Magnetic Bobbin Holder. 

Here’s another way to keep your bobbins organized by using a magnetic canvas and a picture frame.




I found an 8×10 magnetic canvas at a garage sale for .10 cents and the picture frame .50 cents.

I took out the glass and replaced it with the magnetic canvas to hold the bobbins.

The frame needed a little something to make it cute so I made some felt flowers and hot glued them to the frame.

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