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How To Make An Origami Angel

The art of an Origami Angel is a captivating and intricate form of paper folding that has its roots in ancient Japanese culture. This delicate art form involves transforming a simple sheet of paper into a beautiful representation of an angel, using precise folds and creases. The Origami Angel is not only visually stunning but also holds deep symbolic meaning, representing purity, grace, and spirituality. Origami Angel is not just a static piece of art; it can also be animated by gently pulling on certain parts, causing the wings to flap or the angel to gracefully move. This adds an element of enchantment and brings the angel to life in a mesmerizing way. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or incorporated into larger origami displays, the Origami Angel is sure to captivate and inspire all who behold its beauty.

Materials needed:

  • Origami Paper/Square Sheet of Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick/Glue Dots 
  • Pen/Marker
  • Optional extra: Googly Eyes 

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