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A Hanging Planter From An Old T-Shirt!

I not only adore plants because they clean the air in our old apartment, but because they can easily transform a space! My apartment feels more homey, colorful, and alive with my plants.

This simple macrame plant holder can be made out of an old t-shirt within an hour. I added just a few beads, but you can really go crazy and personalize it.

What I love most about this project is that it literally costs nothing. You can round up a ratty old shirt and make this in a jif. In addition, as a mom, I love how it’s totally kid friendly and makes the perfect little gift for your next housewarming party. Did I mention that it costs nothing? And you can have fun by adding however many beads you desire.


  • jersey fabric
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • beads
  • plant and round bowl or plant pot (I used a woven basket lined with plastic.)
  • a hook for hanging your plant
A Hanging Planter From An Old T-Shirt!
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