DIY Wood + Sisal Cat Scratcher

Jan 14, 2022 05:24 AM

Have you got a lot of super active pets in your homes? Do you have cats who like to scratch those rugs and walls? Well, everyone can be happy if you may this beautiful wood and sisal cat scratcher. This cat scratcher will keep your home looking super clean and new and also, your cat will be really happy to receive this. Let’s begin

Materials needed:

  • 6 ft of birch wood 12” wide; 
  • ¾ x 1” strip of wood 12” long;
  • 200 feet of sisal rope; 
  • heavy duty stapler, power drill; 
  • 1 ¼” screws; 
  • sanding wedge; 
  • compound miter saw; 
  • felt floor protectors (optional).

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