Beautiful Crochet Raccoon

Aug 04, 2021 07:42 AM

Hi, my dear friends! This raccoon is the latest addition to our family of soft toys, and why not? It being so soft and fluffy surely earns it a place beside us in bed, for our kids, as gifts, for decor in our cars and so many more. So, join me to put good use to the free tutorial for this crochet racoon and follow the steps well to ensure that you can DIY! Trust me, this craft will be worth your time!

Materials needed:

  • For crocheting, we need yarn of three colors
  • Hook number 2
  • Eyes for soft toys
  • Filler (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer, etc.)
  • Felting wool (white, black and dark gray)
  • Felting needle (twisted) No. 40.
  • Moment-Crystal glue
  • Long needle for sewing soft toys
  • Plain sewing needle and thread
  • Velcro or slicker for sucking up toy parts

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