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Cute Crochet Hot Pads

Cute Crochet Hot Pads are the perfect addition to your kitchen, bringing both style and functionality to your cooking routine! These handmade creations not only protect your countertops from hot pots and pans but also add a charming touch to your home decor. The intricate designs and vibrant colors make cooking a joy as you reach for these lovely hot pads to handle your culinary creations. Whether you're a seasoned chef or new to the kitchen, these hot pads are a delightful way to infuse some warmth and cheer into your cooking space. So why settle for ordinary hot pads when you can have these delightful crocheted creations to brighten up your daily cooking adventures!

Hook- 5.5MM
YARN. Red heart LOVE (lettuce green)
Red heart super saver (holiday red)

Dc -double crochet
Ch- chain
Slst- slip stitch

Row1:Dc in 4th sp from hook. *Dc in next five, ch1 skip, dc, repeat 2 more times. (Ending w/dc) Dc in next five. Repeat from * til end.
Row2: ch1. Dc in next 6, *ch1 skip, dc. Repeat 2 more times. Dc in next 5. repeats from* til end
Row3: repeat row 2
Row4: ch4, skip, dc, ch1 skip, dc ch1 skip, dc, *dc in next 5, ch1, skip dc , repeat 2 more times. Repeat from *til end
Row5-6 repeat row 4
Row 7-9: repeat row 2
Row 10-12: repeat row 4
Row 13-15: repeat row 2
Row16-18: repeat row 4
Row19-21: repeat row2 DO NOT FASTEN OFF
2sc in corner. Sc 19 along the side, 3sc in corner.
32sc across bottom. 3sc in corner
17 sc along side. 3sc in corner
32 sc along top. Sc in 2sc corner space. Slst in same corner space.
2sc, Sc around entire edge. Making sure to add 3sc when you get to each corner sp, sc in 2sc sp. slst in same sp.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

*Disclaimer. These are for use on dishes and bowls, etc filled with hot contents. Not for use near flame or contact with actual hot contents. Not for use on oven or items fresh out of the oven. These are for table setting only. *

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