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Rabbit Ears Napkin Fold with a Bunny Nose for Easter

Create a cute and whimsical napkin fold for Easter with a bunny nose and rabbit ears! You can add some cute details like whiskers or eyes using markers or embroidery floss. This adorable napkin fold is perfect for adding a touch of Easter charm to your table setting!


  • Wooden Beads
  • Pink Paint (I used Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Blush Pink)
  • Raffia
  • Napkins
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors


Paint your bead “noses” pink. I used chalked paint which dried very quickly and made painting beads much easier.

Cut 8″ lengths of raffia to serve as the bunny whiskers. I used 2-3 stripes each per nose.

Before proceeding to the napkin fold (and after the bead is completely dry), let’s get the noses ready!

Start by feeding 2-to-3 of the 8″ lengths of raffia through the hole in the bead, along with one longer length of raffia that will be used to tied the nose to the napkin.

Even out the whiskers lengths.

And then pull through the longer length of raffia until there are equal lengths on either side of the bead. Again, this piece of raffia will be used to tie around the folded napkin to secure the nose.

Now it’s time for the napkin fold. Start folding it into a triangle.

Starting at the small pointed center, roll the napkin

and roll …

and roll.

Now it’s time to make that loop. Or U. At the bottom of the napkin. Make sure that the “ears” are of equal length.

Position the bunny nose where you’d like on the napkin and wrap the long ends of the raffia around the back.

And tie off in the back (be careful not to pull too hard because the raffia does tear easily).

Trim the ends.

And you’re done!

Well, almost done. There is one more step.

To make the whiskers a little more full, pull apart the pieces of raffia.

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