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How to Make a Simple Gift Bow

A lovely finishing touch for any gift! The Gift Bow is a charming and easy-to-make embellishment that adds a personal and thoughtful touch to any present. Made using ribbon or twine, this bow is quick to whip up and can be customized with various colors and sizes to match the occasion or the recipient's style. Whether you're wrapping a birthday gift, a holiday present, or a special treat, the Gift Bow adds a sweet and sentimental touch that's sure to delight.

I start with a 24 inch piece of ribbon. If you want a bigger bow, just cut a longer piece of ribbon. I wouldn’t suggest smaller than 24 inches though because it won’t puff up as much.

Folding it in half to find the middle, I bend the wire make a small hill.

Next I make a larger hill on each side of the small one. These will end up being the loop parts of your bow.

I then fold the tail ends up to make a hill sandwich. And here’s the simple part – I staple all the pieces together!

Then shape the bow by pulling the tails down and fluffing up the hills. That’s it!

Using some double sided tape (or roll a piece of scotch tape) attach the bow to your gift for a beautiful embellishment!

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