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Tissue paper jellyfish craft

Create your very own jellyfish masterpiece with this fun and easy tissue paper craft! Let your creativity flow as you transform simple materials into a stunning underwater creature. Once you're satisfied with your masterpiece, find the perfect spot to display it and watch as your tissue paper jellyfish adds a touch of underwater magic to any room!

You will need

  • tissue paper
  • a small round bowl, or more than one bowl if you want to make multiple jellyfish
  • PVA glue to make DIY mod podge, or you can use real mod podge
  • LED colour changing candle
  • sticky tape
  • string (we’ve used embroidery thread)
  • non-stick baking paper
  • cling wrap
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • metal skewer
  • optional needle to thread the string through the top
  • 2-3 days to allow for drying time

How to

Set out a piece of non stick baking paper as your surface to work on. If you don’t do this your jellyfish will likely get glued to the surface.

Wrap your bowl in cling wrap, and wrap a piece of tissue paper over it and tuck it under the bowl.

Make some DIY mod podge by watering down some PVA glue. We use an approximate 50:50 mix but don’t actually measure it. So long as the glue is thick and runny it will work.

Paint the tissue paper all over with your mod podge, then lay a second sheet of tissue paper over it. This time don’t tuck the paper underneath the bowl, just leave it spread out around the bowl on a rectangular shape. Paint the part which is covering the bowl with mod podge.

Lay a third sheet of tissue paper over this and press it down gently. Leave it overnight to dry.

Once dry, add a final protective coat of mod podge, and allow to dry again.

Once the mod podge has dried, it should be easy to remove the bowl and cling wrap. You will be left with tissue paper in the shape of the bowl.

Trim around the edge, cutting away the excess paper. Leave a “ruffle” of tissue paper around the edges.

Poke two holes in the top of the paper with a metal skewer before threading the string through so that you have a loop poking out the top and the ends poking out underneath.

Tie a knot in the string underneath the jellyfish. The knot needs to be close to the ends of the string, with just enough space to add the candle underneath it.

Sticky tape the candle into place, with one string on each side of the candle. Try and get the light as close to the knot as possible, so that it is well hidden inside your jellyfish body. Trim the excess string ends away.

Make some stingers by fringing a long piece of folded tissue paper, and sticky tape the stinger to the base of the LED candle. Make sure to leave the on and off switch uncovered.

Now find a place to hang the jellyfish – they look so cool lit up in the dark.

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