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DIY Hair Bow Holder (or Message Board!)

This DIY hair bow holder is not only a fun project to work on, but it also helps you keep your hair accessories organized and easily accessible. Hang it on your wall or the back of your door for a convenient way to store and display your hair bows. You can customize the size and shape of the holder to fit your collection of bows perfectly. This project is a great way to add a personal touch to your room while also keeping your hair accessories neat and tidy. Let your creativity shine through as you design and create your very own hair bow holder.

You will need:
– Wood frame
– Roll or large piece of cork board (found at craft stores)
– Elastic ribbon (found at craft or fabric stores)
– Thumb tacks (flat-head tacks work best)
– A piece of fabric large enough to cover the inside area of your frame
– Hot glue gun
– Spray paint (if you want to paint your frame)
– Cup hooks (mine are 7/8″ white cup hooks from Home Depot)

You could make this in any size or shape you want but I chose a 30″x8″ frame that fits my space. I found this old frame at Goodwill for just a couple of dollars.

I took the back off (which unfortunately was cardboard, but it worked) and hot glued it onto my cork board. You will want to trim the cork board to the same size as the back of your frame.

Next, I covered it in fabric. I ended up doubling up the fabric because I felt like one layer was too thin and see-through. I hot glued the fabric edges onto the back of the board, but if you are good with a staple gun that would work as well 🙂 Just make sure your fabric is pulled tight!

Then I laid out my elastic ribbon pieces so they would criss cross. Once you get them laid out the way you want, use a thumbtack at the point where they cross. This will help to keep them in place while you glue or staple the elastic ends to the back of the frame. Make sure the elastic is pulled fairly tight.

I hot glued white buttons over the thumbtacks for an extra touch.

Now go ahead and spray paint your frame (if you want) and screw in your cup hooks to the bottom. I placed the cup hooks an inch apart along the bottom.

Place your new hair bow holder in the frame and hang it up! Hair clips attach to the elastic bands and headbands hang from the cup hooks. OR you can use this as a message board! Tack up messages with additional thumbtacks and place photos under the elastic bands. Hang accessories such as belts or jewelry from the cup hooks!


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