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How to Make a Summer Door Basket

The Summer Door Basket is a charming and inviting decoration that adds a touch of warmth and cheer to any entryway. This handcrafted basket is filled with vibrant summer blooms, such as sunflowers, daisies, and hydrangeas, creating a beautiful burst of color that welcomes guests with a smile. The combination of fresh greenery and bright blossoms gives the basket a lively and festive look, perfect for the sunny days of summer. Its rustic wicker design adds a touch of natural charm, while the carefully selected flowers bring a sense of joy and beauty to any space. Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue, welcoming friends for a visit, or simply looking to brighten up your home, the Summer Door Basket is a delightful choice that captures the essence of the season.

Summer Door Basket Supplies

  • Rattan Hanging Basket: This is the basket I purchased from Hobby Lobby, however you can use any basket that is long & narrow with a hanging handle.
  • #12 ForaFom Floral Foam: I purchased 1 of these, but could have used 2.
  • Faux Red Geraniums: 4 bunches filled my basket perfectly.
  • Faux Small Daisies: The daisy bunches I purchased were small, so 7 bunches were needed to fill the basket.
  • Blue Frayed Velvet Ribbon: For an Americana summer door basket, you can use any red, white, or blue ribbon you like. This ribbon happens to be my favorite for any season since it comes in a wide range of colors. It’s absolutely beautiful for the low cost!

Steps to Make a Summer Door Basket

Step #1: Add Foam to the Basket

Ideally, I should have purchased 2 floral foam blocks, but I only purchased 1. So to make do with what I had, I placed the floral foam horizontally in the basket.

It was a little too long, so with a sharp knife I cut the foam so that I could squeeze it tightly into the basket and have it stay at the top of the opening. I cut it a little too short (which is why Mr. ERH does most of the measuring around here) and so I cut a smaller piece of foam to fill in where the foam was too short.

If you purchase 2 floral foam blocks, they will fit perfectly into this basket vertically and you will not need to cut anything!

Step #2: Insert Red Geraniums

Red geraniums are my favorite in outdoor summer decor so when I saw these faux ones at Micheal’s, I thought they would be perfect in this summer door basket.

Feel free to use whatever summer blooms you love! That is what is so fun about creating a door basket yourself, you can choose what you add to it.

With a pliers, cut the individual geranium stems from the bunch.

Insert the stems into the floral foam. Keeping the longer geranium stems in the back of the basket, and the shorter ones towards the front.

Don’t worry about adding the geraniums perfectly to the basket! You want the door basket to look unique and organic.

Step #3: Add in Daisies

For a pop of white in our Americana summer door basket, I thought these small, delicate daisies would be charming in the basket with the large voluminous geranium blooms.

With a pliers, cut the individual daisy stems from the bunch.

Then, insert the daisy stems along the basket opening between the geraniums and the basket.

Push some of the daisy stems further in, and keep some hanging longer to add depth & texture to the wreath.

Step #4: Tie a Bow

Finish the summer hanging door basket with a pretty ribbon.

To add a pop of blue to this Americana basket, I wrapped this blue frayed velvet ribbon around the entire top opening of the basket, tied ribbon into a knot, and then tied a bow.

Step #5: Hang Your Basket

With your basket complete, it’s time to hang it on your front door!

A door basket can easily be hung from a simple over the door hanger, a decorative ribbon, or from a hook on your door.

We have a command hook placed about 3/4″ of the way down our front door, which is where I hung our summer door basket.

Changing the location of where you hang your wreath or basket on your door is a fun & easy way to switch up the look of your front entry decor.

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