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Crochet Poinsettia Square

Create a beautiful square featuring a crochet poinsettia design. This intricate pattern combines the traditional holiday flower with the art of crochet, resulting in a stunning piece that can be used for various projects. The poinsettia square can be incorporated into blankets, pillows, or even framed as wall art to add a festive touch to your home decor. This project is perfect for intermediate crocheters looking to challenge their skills and create a unique piece that celebrates the holiday season. Get creative with different color combinations or add embellishments like beads or sequins to make your crochet poinsettia square truly one-of-a-kind.


  • Stylecraft Special DK in A Hint of Silver
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Sage
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Pale Rose
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Parma Violet
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Violet
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Raspberry
  • 4 mm Odyssey hook
  • Tapestry needle and sharp scissors

Pattern notes

The pattern is written using UK terminology, for a conversion chart to US terminology.

The squares are worked in the round. You do not need to turn your work after each row and you continue working in the same direction as before.

[Stitches written in brackets like this are all worked into the same stitch.]

For the first stitch on each row: Chain 1 to move up to the next round if the round starts with double crochet. Chain 2 if the round starts with a half treble crochet, and chain 3 if the round starts with a treble crochet. These chains count as the first stitch in the row

Special stitches

  • Ch – chain
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Dtr – double treble
  • Htr – half treble
  • Mc – magic circle
  • Tr – treble
  • Ss – slip stitch
  • ch-3-picot – picot made of 3 chain stitches


Foundation. Use Sage. Mc with 6 dc.

Round 1: (2dc), 6 times. Fasten off.

Round 2: Use Violet or Raspberry: tr, ch 3, skip 1. 6 times.

Round 3: ss in ch-1-sp, (dc, htr, tr with 3-ch-picot, htr, dc) into tr from round 2. 6 times. Fasten off.

Round 4: Use Palma Violet or Pale Rose. (dtr, ch 2, dtr) into skipped stitch from round 1, ch 2. 6 times.

Round 5: ss into ch-2-sp, (dc, htr, tr, dtr with 3-ch-picot, tr, htr, dc) into dtr. 12 times. Fasten off. At this stage you may wish to sew the inner petals in place so they remain at the front of square.

Round 6: Use sage, (dtr, ch 3, dtr) in ss and work behind petals. 12 times.

Round 7: 5dc in ch-3-sp, skip 2. 12 times.

Round 8: 4dc, (2dc). 12 times. Fasten off.

Round 9: Use hint of silver: 4dc, 2htr, 3tr, ch 1, 3tr, 2htr, 4dc. 4 times.

Round 10: 5dc, 2htr, 2tr, (1tr, ch 1, 1tr) in ch-1-sp, 2tr, 2htr, 5dc. 4 times.

Round 11: 6dc, 2htr, 2tr, (1tr, ch 1, 1tr) in ch-1-sp, 2tr, 2htr, 6dc. 4 times.

Round 12: 11htr, (1htr, ch 1, 1htr) in ch-1-sp, 11 htr. 4 times.

Round 13: 12htr, (1htr, ch 1, 1htr) in ch-1-sp, 12 htr. 4 times.

Round 14: Join sage in any corner ch-1-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc), 26 dc. 4 times.

Round 15: ss to ch-2-sp, (htr, ch 2, htr), *ch 1, skip 1, htr. From *13 times. Htr. Repeat whole sequence 4 times.

Round 16: ss to ch-2-sp, (dc, ch 2, dc), dc in each ch-1-sp and stitch across. 4 times. Fasten off and sew in all ends. 

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