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DIY House Number Sign with a Wood Slice

A unique and rustic house number sign! A wooden slice with a distressed finish adds a touch of natural elegance to any exterior. The wood slice can be engraved with a beautiful font or design to add a personal touch, making it a lovely addition to your home's curb appeal. Enjoy!!!

Skills Required: Beginner

DIY Address Number Sign

You’ll need:

  • Wood slice
  • Mason jar
  • Hose clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Small piece of wood
  • Sandpaper
  • Vinyl numbers
  • Picture hook and nails
  • Burlap
  • Flowers

Lay out the project and decide where you want the mason jar to be. The lip of the jar needs room, so screw in a small piece of wood into the wood slice.

Nail two thin nails into the slots of the hose clamp and into the piece of wood.

Take a hand screwdriver and tighten the clamp around the mason jar until secure.

Add a picture hook to the back of the house number plaque for hanging.

Take some sandpaper and smooth out where the number will be. We had a package of vinyl letters and numbers from Home Depot.

Peel off the numbers needed and stick them on the wood slice in the desired arrangement.

Tip: if you have paint, you can draw some freehand numbers on the plaque with a pencil and then paint them in so you don’t to buy the vinyl letters. We just happened to have them on hand.

To finish, wrap a few artificial or real flowers in burlap and place them into the jar. I had a little burlap bag leftover from a wedding that was perfect.

Now hang up your new DIY house number sign and enjoy some cute spring porch decor!

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