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Recycle a Cup into a Plastic Bag Keeper

Transform a disposable cup into a convenient plastic bag organizer with this simple DIY project. Instead of throwing away a used cup, repurpose it into a practical storage solution for all those plastic bags that tend to clutter up your kitchen. By cutting off the top of the cup and decorating it to match your kitchen decor, you can create a stylish and eco-friendly way to keep your plastic bags organized and easily accessible. This upcycling project not only helps reduce waste but also adds a touch of creativity to your home. So why not give this DIY project a try and see how you can transform a simple cup into a useful and stylish accessory for your home?

First you need a large plastic container. The container I used was a 64 oz. soda pop cup that I found and decided that I would re-purpose into a

Plastic bag keeper. 

Below is a picture tutorial that I put together to show the steps for this project.

Punch a small hole on either side of the cup for the bag hanger. I used a metal one-hole punch and just punched several times to make the hole big enough for 3 strands of plastic bag yarn or plarn to fit through.

I cut 3 plastic bag loops about 1 inch wide. This is the same method of cutting strips that I use when making plastic bag yarn. Hold the 3 loop strips together and thread it from the outside of the cup to the inside. Make sure you keep your strands flat and evenly held together. Tie a knot at the end of the plastic to secure it on the inside of the cup.

Using the three strands, braid or chain the plastic bag yarn together. Once you have braided the plastic bag yarn together, insert the loose end from the outside of the cup to the inside. Tie a knot on the inside to secure your hanger.

This cup had a pre-formed 2″ circular bottom which is just right for the opening for your plastic bags. Cut the bottom of the cup around as marked.

Fill up your plastic bag keeper with bags and hang it up so you can reuse all those plastic bags easier. And as always, happy green crafting to everyone!

Here is the finished plastic bag keeper

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