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Baby Shower Burp Cloth Bouquet

Imagine a beautiful arrangement of burp cloths creatively put together to resemble a bouquet of flowers. This unique and practical gift is perfect for a baby shower, combining the necessity of burp cloths with the beauty of a floral display. Each burp cloth is carefully folded and arranged to mimic the petals of a flower, making it not only useful for new parents but also a lovely decorative piece for the nursery. The Baby Shower Burp Cloth Bouquet is a thoughtful and charming present that is sure to stand out among the typical baby shower gifts. It is a creative way to provide something both useful and visually appealing for the new parents. This bouquet of burp cloths is a delightful twist on a traditional gift, showcasing your attention to detail and thoughtfulness in selecting a present for the little one on the way.


  • burp rags, receiving blankets, or bibs (to roll up)
  • florist foam
  • wooden dowels cut to different lengths
  • a flower pot (very easy to find at thrift stores)
  • gallon sized ziplock bags with the zipper cut off, cello wrap, or clear decorative treat bags
  • straight pins
  • clear scotch tape
  • ribbon
  • Moss, grass, shredded paper filler, etc.


1. Roll up the burp rags into very tight rolls and secure them with a straight pin (you should warn mommy-to-be that the pins are there).

2. Attach the dowels to the inside of the plastic with a piece of clear tape.

3. Place the fabric roll inside the bag on top of the stick and tie off tightly with a ribbon.

4. Place a piece of florist foam inside the flower pot and poke the dowels into the foam to hold them upright.

5. Arrange at different heights, add some kind of decorative filler to hide the foam and tah-dah! A super cute gift that doubles as a decoration at the shower!

Another great option would be to roll up a flannel blanket to put in the pot. Then you wouldn’t need florist foam or decorative filler and the mommy-to-be would get an extra blanket! Just roll the blanket tight so there’s enough support to hold the dowels upright.

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