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DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

Looking for a creative and practical DIY project? Why not try making your very own magnetic pin holder? This simple yet ingenious idea will not only keep your pins organized but also add a touch of charm to your sewing or crafting space. This DIY magnetic pin holder is not only practical but also customizable. You can decorate the container to match your sewing room decor or personalize it with your own unique style. Additionally, by making your own magnetic pin holder, you can save money and have the satisfaction of creating something useful with your own hands. Say goodbye to lost pins and hello to a more organized and efficient sewing space with this fun and easy project. 

Simply find a plate. One that kinda curves up a little would be better than a flat place. Find a bowl to sit it on, one that has an opening in the center.

I used a candy dish and turned it upside down. Notice it’s not a flat edge. So when I sit the plate on top, the magnet on the bottom of the plate won’t interfere.

I used a thick magnet to make sure it would work through a thick glass plate, and it works great. Just tape the magnet on the bottom of your plate and hot glue your plate onto your stand.

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