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Sunny Side Up Egg Coaster

Imagine a coaster that brings a touch of sunny-side-up goodness to your table every time you set down your drink. This unique coaster is designed to resemble a sunny-side-up egg, complete with a bright yellow yolk and a white outer ring. Not only does it protect your table from water rings and spills, but it also adds a fun and whimsical element to your home decor. Whether you're enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a refreshing glass of iced tea, this sunny-side-up egg coaster is sure to bring a smile to your face. This coaster is not only functional but also a conversation starter, as guests will surely be delighted by its charming and playful design. Add a touch of sunny-side-up style to your home with this adorable coaster that is as delightful as it is useful.


Since this coaster size is customizable, it can be smaller or slightly larger, like a mug rug size. Use a layer cake fabric bundle, a fat-quarter size fabric, or larger fabric scraps.

The fabric can be a plain solid color or printed with yellow and white as the base colours. Use one layer of quilt batting or fusible fleece for the layer

Make your own sunny-side up egg template by drawing a fried egg shape on a piece of 6″ square paper, including the circle for the yolk. Cut the template, then cut out the circle shape or print the template from the link below.

The fun thing about this coaster is that you can make up the shape for the egg white. It can be just a plain circle or some wavy edge. The egg yolk part is a circle shape. So, it is easy to make your own template for this project.

  • 3 sheets of 6″ square white fabric
  • 1 sheet of 6″ square yellow fabric
  • 1 sheet of 6″ batting or fusible fleece
  • Egg template, you can make your own or print this sunny-side up egg coaster pattern
  • Disappeared ink fabric marker, my favorite is the dual-purpose fabric marker
  • Pins or quilting clips
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Ironing machine

Put both white fabrics together, with the right side facing each other.

Trace the circle template as the yolk on the fabric.
Sew along the circle traced line.

Trim the extra fabric inside the circle 0.25″ from the stitched line.
Clip or fringe cut the extra fabric inside the stitched circle line.
Turn the fabric right side out through the circle.
Press the fabric with an ironing machine.

Pin together the right side of the yellow fabric facing down, batting or fusible fleece, the right side of the white square fabric facing up, and the front layer of white fabrics.

Trace the Sunny-side up egg template on the front layer and match the circle between the fabric and the template.

Sew along the traced line of the sunny-side-up egg.
Trim the extra fabric 0.25″ from the stitched line.

Clip or fringe cut the extra fabric around the curve.
Turn the front white fabric layer right side out through the circle.
Push around the edge by using the chopstick.
Press the coaster with an ironing machine.

Topstitch around the edge of the circle, and topstitch around the edge of the coaster.
The Sunny-side up egg fabric coaster is ready to use now.

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