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How To Fold A Heart Into An Envelope

Transforming a simple piece of paper into a heartfelt gesture, the art of folding a heart into an envelope is a beautiful way to express your emotions. As you embark on this creative journey, you'll need a square sheet of paper, preferably in a color that resonates with the sentiment you wish to convey. Begin by folding the paper in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Then, fold the two bottom corners of the triangle upwards, meeting at the top point. This will create a diamond shape with a small triangle at the bottom. This small yet meaningful gesture is sure to bring joy and warmth to the recipient's heart, reminding them of the love and care you hold for them. 


Step 1: Grab a piece of colorful paper and cut out a big heart shape. I’m using a 12″x12″ piece of scrapbook paper, but a regular 8.5″x11″ piece of paper will work too. Your finished envelope will just be a bit smaller. Turn the heart upside down.

Step 2: Evenly fold the two outer edges of the heart in like this:

Step 3: Fold the curved bottom part up, like this:

Step 4: Fold the top tip of the envelop down, like this:

Now you can unfold the envelope and write a message inside the center square area or cut a separate piece of paper slightly smaller than the folded up rectangle shape and slip it inside the heart envelope.

Isn’t that just so much fun?!

To review, here are the four steps:

Cute and easy! I love this idea for Valentine’s Day, but don’t you think love notes should be a year round thing? I do!

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