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DIY Upcycled Dinosaur Planters

Transform ordinary planters into fun and unique dinosaur-themed creations with this easy do-it-yourself project. By upcycling old planters, you can give them a new life and add a touch of whimsy to your home decor. Start by gathering materials such as acrylic paint, paintbrushes, googly eyes, and small succulent plants. These upcycled dinosaur planters will make a charming addition to any room and are sure to be a conversation starter among your guests. Let your creativity run wild and have fun bringing these prehistoric creatures to life in a whole new way!

Here is what you will need:

Plastic, hollow dinosaur (Please be sure it is hollow or you will never be able to cut into it. Just squeeze it and see if you feel air to find out.) I found this guy at Goodwill for .25 cents.
Sharp serrated knife
Spray paint in choice of color (But really, why pick any other color than GOLD? 
Faux plants such as succulents

1. Begin by cutting a square out of the back of your dinosaur. Use a sharp serrated knife and work slowly to avoid injury. It is easiest to cut two slits into the back of the dino just like you are sawing wood, and then work your way along the sides to create a square shape. Discard any cut plastic.

2. Place the dinosaur on some old newspaper and apply two coats of spray paint. As you can see, gold looks great! Hello, gorgeous.

3. Once the dinosaur is dry, you can add your plant. You can do a fresh plant with soil, however draining the soil may be an issue. Instead, opt for a faux and fuss free plant such as a succulent. They fit well and look great and the best part is, they require NO watering.

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