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Crochet Cheeseburger Applique

Introducing the Crochet Cheeseburger Applique, a delightful and unique addition to your crafting repertoire! This charming applique is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any project. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this fun and creative design will surely bring a smile to your face. Not only is this applique a joy to make, but it also offers endless possibilities for use. Attach it to a plain t-shirt to instantly transform it into a quirky conversation starter. Sew it onto a tote bag to add a playful touch to your everyday essentials. Or why not create a whole collection of food-themed appliques and turn them into a whimsical wall hanging for your kitchen?



Worsted weight yarn in beige, dark brown, yellow, green, and white yarn

4.00mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle



Beginning chain does not count as a stitch.

Bobble stitch: *YO, insert hook into st, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops, repeat from * 3 more times

Abbreviations (US terms)

Ch = chain, sc = single crochet, hdc = half double crochet, dc = double crochet, st = stitch, sl st = slip stitch, sc2tog = single crochet two together, dc2tog = double crochet two together

Start with beige color yarn.

Row 1: Ch 16, dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in each st across, turn (14)

Row 2: Ch 2, dc in each st across, turn (14)

Change to dark brown.

Row 3: Ch 1, *bobble st in next st, sc in next st, repeat from * across, turn (14)

Change to yellow.

Row 4: Ch 1, hdc in each st across, turn (14)

Change to green.

Row 5: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn (14)

Row 6: *Ch 3, sl st into next st in FLO, repeat from * across, turn

Change to beige.

Row 7: Ch 2, dc in FLO of Row 5 in each st across, turn

Row 8: Ch 2, dc2tog over first 2 st, dc in next 10 st, dc2tog over last 2 st, turn (12)

Row 9: Ch 1, sc2tog over first 2 st, sc in next 8 st, sc2tog over last 2 st, turn (10)

Fasten off.

Use white yarn to sew on sesame seeds on top burger bun.

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