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DIY Mosaic Garden Pots

Transform your garden into a vibrant and artistic oasis with the help of DIY mosaic garden pots. These eye-catching and unique planters will add a touch of elegance and creativity to any outdoor space. With just a few simple materials and a bit of patience, you can create stunning mosaic designs that will impress your friends and neighbors. Whether you choose to plant colorful flowers or lush greenery, these stunning mosaic pots will add a touch of artistry and charm to your outdoor space.

This project is so easy that it only requires three supplies.

  1. a clay pot
  2. E6000 glue
  3. assorted glass tile pieces

That’s it! But first – let’s have a little word about the glass tile pieces.

Glass mosaic tile pieces can be expensive however a few go a really long way.

Here’s two simple ways to save money on them:

  1. Use the 40% coupon for craft stores rather than buying from Amazon. You can also wait for a sale on the glass section of the craft store.
  2. Buy a mosaic stepping stone kit from the kid’s craft area. Many times these are cheaper than buying an assortment of glass mosaic pieces. Plus if you can use a coupon on one of those kits, you’ll hit the money saving jackpot.

For this project I actually used glass pieces that I had used for another project. A few glass pieces goes a really long way.

To make this project, I simply put a dab of glue on a plastic sheet and dipped the back of the square tiles into the glue before applying them. Once they’re on the clay pot, hold them for a minute to make sure they set and won’t slip around.

The smaller pieces will set faster. If you’re using larger pieces, you’ll have to hold each one for longer.

Once you have a boarder or details finished, all you need to do is fill in areas with larger pieces or keep working with small details.

It’s easy! So easy.

Here’s a secret – when I made this I fully intended to grout between the glass tiles to give it a full mosaic look. Maybe one day I actually will but I really like it how it turned out without any grout or mortar.

So for now I’m leaving it.

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