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Pinecone Bead Ornament

Crafted with care and creativity, the Pinecone Bead Ornament is a stunning piece of holiday decor that will add a touch of natural beauty to your home. Each ornament is meticulously handmade, with every pinecone carefully selected for its unique shape and texture. The pinecones are then adorned with an array of colorful beads, creating a dazzling display of shimmer and sparkle. The combination of the rustic pinecone and the delicate beads creates a harmonious contrast that is both visually striking and captivating. Hang these ornaments on your Christmas tree, wreaths, or even use them as a charming centerpiece for your holiday table. The Pinecone Bead Ornament is a timeless piece that will bring joy and elegance to your festive celebrations year after year.

Materials needed:

  • approximately 20 x 10mm Maple Wood Round Beads
  • ribbon
  • a pinecone
  • sharp scissors
  • a sewing needle with a large eye (note: our Cara & Co crafting needle will not fit through 10mm wood beads)
  • hot glue gun & sticks

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