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Tortilla or Flatbread Microwavable Warmer

Looking for a convenient way to warm up your tortillas or flatbreads? Look no further than our microwavable warmer! This handy kitchen gadget is designed to quickly and easily warm up your tortillas or flatbreads, so you can enjoy them hot and fresh whenever you want. Simply place your tortillas or flatbreads in the warmer, pop it in the microwave, and in just a few seconds, you'll have perfectly warmed tortillas or flatbreads that are ready to eat. This project can be made with the stated materials. 

Materials needed:

  • Fabrics
  • Sewing machine 
  • Sewing materials 
  • Iron and ironing board
  • See-through ruler 
  • Fabric pen or pencil
  • Seam
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Straight Pins

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