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Quilted Hot-Water Bottle Cover

Looking for a cozy and stylish way to keep your hot-water bottle warm? Check out our Quilted Hot-Water Bottle Cover! This cover is not only functional, but also adds a touch of charm to your bed or couch. The quilted design ensures that your hot-water bottle stays warm for longer, while the soft fabric provides a comfortable feel against your skin. Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to warmth and comfort with our Quilted Hot-Water Bottle Cover! This project helps to improve your sewing skills and creativity altogether. 

Materials needed:

  • Cheap/ scrappy fabric for backing for quilting (will be hidden on finished project) (1) 12 ½″ x 20 ½″ and (1) 12 ½″ x 18 ½″
  • Wadding/Batting scraps (1) 11 ½″ x 19 ½″ and (1) 11 ½″ x 17 ½″
  • Basting spray or pins
  • Thread for quilting

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