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Scissor Pouch Sewing Tutorial

The scissor pouch sewing pattern is a versatile and practical project that allows you to protect and organize your scissors in style. Not only does the scissor pouch sewing pattern provide functionality by keeping your scissors protected, but it also allows for customization and personalization to suit your own unique taste and aesthetic preferences. By following this sewing pattern, you can create a scissor pouch that not only showcases your skills and creativity but also enhances the longevity of your scissors by providing a safe and secure storage solution.

Materials needed:

  • 2 exterior pouch pieces
  • 1 exterior flap piece
  • 2 lining pouch pieces
  • 1 lining flap piece
  • 2 fusible fleece pouch pieces
  • 1 fusible fleece flap piece
  • 2" of 1/4" elastic or you could use a hair tie.
  • and you'll need 1 adorable 1/2" button

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