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Pin Cushion Mice

This Pin Cushion Mice project is a delightful and practical pattern perfect for sewing enthusiasts. These charming little mice not only add a whimsical touch to your sewing space, but also serve as helpful tools for keeping your pins and needles organized and easily accessible while working on your creative projects. Whether you're an experienced sewer or just starting out, this pattern is easy to follow and customize to your liking. This project helps in improving your sewing skills and creativity. It is an easy and fun project for all.

Materials needed:

  •  9″ square felt for body and ears
  • 6″ square contrast fabric for tail and ears
  • 3″ square cardboard to stiffen base
  • Rice or poly beads to weight base
  • Polyfil for stuffing body
  • Stranded embroidery floss in suitable colour to sew body
  • Black stranded embroidery floss for eyes and nose- or use small round black beads if preferred – but this means the mouse will not be suitable for a small child.
  • Pink floss for nose
  • Dark brown strong thread for whiskers

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