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DIY Ruffled Tulle Christmas Trees

DIY the ruffled tulle Christmas trees, my gorgeous friends! It’s definitely time to start getting ready for the Christmas celebrations. I can just imagine how beautiful this will make your home interior and it will definitely add so much softness and brightness to your home. So friends, follow this interesting craft and have fun with not only your friends but also your kids and grandkids. It’s about to get fun and merry!

Materials needed:

  • Tulle (1 yard will make one 12″ tree, 1/2 yard for a 6″ tree, etc)
  • Paper mache cones in various sizes
  • Cardboard tubes 
  • Gold vinyl
  • Iridescent glitter paint
  • Sewing machine with a gathering foot
  • Acrylic paint to match your tulle colors
  • Hot glue
  • Paint brush

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