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DIY Happy Planner Zipper Pouch

I love planners like this because they help me keep my pens in one place and allow the process of journaling or keeping a diary much more easy. This is a perfect craft that will work great as a bookmark also. The function is just limitless and this will make an amazing gift too. So friends, let’s DIY the happy planner zipper pouch!

Materials needed:

  • Main fabric – 2 pieces, 4 ½” wide x 9” tall
  • Lining fabric – 2 pieces, 4 ½” wide x 9” tall
  • Fusible fleece – 2 pieces, 4” wide x 8 ½” tall
  • Zipper at least 10” long
  • 1” wide elastic – 1 piece 13 ¾” long for Big Happy Planner, or 11” long for Classic Happy Planner

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