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Beautiful Rope Bowl For Home

Sep 06, 2021 06:21 AM

If this isn't madly creative please tell me what is, friends. Hello there! Just look at these magnificently designed bowls and tell me you are not amazed that they are simply strung ropes! Yeah, ropes are strung into these lovely bowls. So, let's hurry up and make our own rope bowls with the help of this clear tutorial below. Open and read the tutorial to follow the instructions and get your bowls right on spot!

Materials needed:

  • Rope
  • Thread in different colors
  • Fabric scrap strips
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Leather/Pleather scraps
  • Natural dye – Dye your rope beforehand, allow to fully dry
  • Paint – Paint your rope beforehand, allow to fully dry

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