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DIY Dryer Top Ironing Pad

Hey friends, we are still not done talking space management yet. This DIY dryer top ironing pad is a cool one to have if there's not enough space for a standing ironing board. Just place this on your dryer and you are good to go with your ironing and so, life gets easier when you make this pad. Luckily for us, it comes with a free tutorial to ease and guide us through the entire process of making this functional item that will also be a highly welcomed gift for many!

Materials needed:

  1. Fabric – heat-resistant (cotton or a linen would be best – about 1 yard fabric for standard dryers)
  2. Measurements – width and length of the top of dryer 
  3. Cabinet liner – for the bottom grip of pad
  4. Low Loft Quilt Batting – for a soft surface
  5. Sewing Machine, needle, thread and scissors

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