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Crochet Beautiful Butterfly

Crocheting beautiful butterflies is such a fun and rewarding craft that allows you to create stunning and delicate pieces of art. The intricate details and vibrant colors you can incorporate truly make each butterfly unique and special. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, working on butterfly patterns can be a delightful way to hone your skills and let your creativity soar. The best part is gifting these lovely butterflies to friends and family, spreading joy and warmth with your handmade creations. So, grab your yarn and hook, and embark on a whimsical crocheting journey filled with enchanting butterflies!

Three colors of worsted (I used Red Heart Super Saver in: Color a- Aruba sea. Color b-turqua. Color c- real teal)

With color a: Magic circle

1.) 12SC in circle. Join with slst to first sc. (12sc)

Switch to color b

2.) Ch1. 2 SC in each sp around. Join with slst to first SC. (24sc)

3.)Ch1, SC, ch2, skip 2 sp. Repeat around. Join with slst to first SC.(8ch2 sp, 8sc).

Switch to color c

4.) ch1, *SC in SC sp, in ch 2 sp(4dc, ch3, picot,4dc). Repeat from * around. Join to first sc. Fasten off and weave in ends. It’s okay if the flower curls. It will lay flat when folded.

Starting with moderate sized tail, Ch11, slst in 2nd ch from hook and remaining ch sp(10slst). Fasten off but leave slightly long tail for sewing. Fold around the body of the butterfly. Body of butterfly should fold in half evenly.

Use one of the tails to sew the body together at the first slst of your ch11.

Tie tails together using a double knot. Snip the two tails to form antennae.

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