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Crochet Mum Flower

Crochet mum flowers are a delightful and charming addition to any craft project. With their intricate designs and cozy appeal, these crocheted blooms bring a touch of warmth and hominess to your handmade creations. Whether you adorn your garments, accessories, or home decor with them, these flowers are sure to elevate the overall look with their unique texture and beautiful floral shape. Crocheting mum flowers is not only a creative way to unwind and express yourself but also a lovely gesture to add a personalized touch to gifts for your loved ones. So grab your yarn and hook, and let your creative spirit blossom with these adorable crochet mum flowers!

Any hook and yarn is fine. I used red heart super saver and a 4mm hook

Magic circle
1.)8sc in circle. Do not join . Work continuous rounds.
2.)In BLO, 2SC in each stitch around. Do not join(16sc)
3.)In BLO, 2SCin first stitch, SC in next stitch. repeat around. Join to BLO of the first sc in row 3. (24sc) Fasten off.

Join with a slst to FLO of first SC in row 1. *Ch1, TC in same stitch as slst, Slst in next stitch. Repeat * til last stitch. Slst in last stich IN BOTH LOOPS to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

A lil hint:. Grab the center petal and give it a tiny twist to fill out flower and give it the “mum” appearance.Flower may curl. This is okay. It will lay flat when set on a flat surface. You may block if you wish.

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