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Easy Stitched Lavender Bags

Creating your own easy stitched lavender bags is a delightful and satisfying DIY project that will fill your space with a sweet, calming scent. To make these charming bags, simply gather some fabric scraps, dried lavender, and a needle and thread. Not only are these lavender bags simple to make, but they also make lovely handmade gifts for friends and family. Enjoy the process of stitching and filling these little bags with the soothing aroma of lavender, adding a touch of homemade charm to your home or gifting them to spread the relaxing scent to others.


  • Fabric: floral; solid pale pink
    Plain canvas
    Machine thread: white, pink
    Thermal batting
    Satin ribbon, cream, 5mm
    Dried lavender

  1. Lavender Bags - 1 Cut rectangles from canvas, 8cm x 16cm. Fold in half lengthwise and sew up the outer two sides. Turn right sides out and press. Fold the open raw edges inside by 5mm and press again. Fill the canvas bags with lavender through the open side. Pin the pressed raw edges together and topstitch or hand sew closed.

    2 Snip two floral rectangles, 10cm x 13cm, place right sides together and sew up three sides. Turn right sides out and press. Fold the open raw edges inside by 5mm and press. Repeat again to create a small rolled hem and topstitch this carefully.

    3 Pin a length of ribbon, 40cm, to the centre back, roughly 2cm from the top. Sew a little line of stitches to hold in place. Place the canvas lavender pouch inside the floral bag and tie the ribbons in a bow to close. When the scent fades, just undo and re-make the canvas bags inside.

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