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Canning Lid Angel Ornament

Creating a charming Canning Lid Angel Ornament is not only a delightful way to upcycle materials but also a wonderful craft project to spread holiday cheer. Finished with a touch of glue and a hook or loop for hanging, your angel ornament will be ready to adorn your Christmas tree or serve as a thoughtful handmade gift to brighten someone's day with a little bit of homemade magic. Let your creativity take flight and enjoy the simple joy of creating something special for the holidays!

To make this angel ornament you will need:

Canning lid
Peach craft paint
White craft glue
Pink glitter
6-inch piece of lace
10-inch piece of ribbon or yarn
Gold pipe cleaner
Mailing or masking tape
Pink felt
Markers – pink and black

Begin by painting the front of the canning lid with peach paint. Allow it to dry completely. Dip your finger in white craft glue and “draw” two circles in the canning lid as cheeks.

Sprinkle the cheeks with glitter and tap off the excess.

To make the wings, cut the lace in half so you have two 3-inch pieces. Pinch the bottom together to create a fan.

Use tape to attach to the back of the canning lid. Make sure they align with the cheeks by flipping it over and looking before continuing.

Bend the top of the pipe cleaner into a circle and twist to secure it to itself. Tape it to the back of the canning lid so that the circle and about 1/2-inch of the stem are sticking out above the lid. Use scissors to trim off the excess pipe cleaner.

Fold ribbon into a loop for the hanger and tape to the back of the canning lid.

Cut pink felt into a circle and glue over everything on the back of the canning lid. Place something heavy, like a book, on top and let the glue dry.

Alternatively, parents can use a glue gun to attach the felt to make this step quicker.

Turn the ornament face up. Bend the pipe cleaner circle toward you to create the halo. Use a black marker to add the eyes and a pink marker for the mouth.

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