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Coastal Wood Slice Coasters

What a lovely and functional coastal decor! Coastal wood slice coasters are a great way to add a touch of the beach to your home. Made from natural wood slices, often with a driftwood or reclaimed wood finish, these coasters are both rustic and elegant. They're perfect for protecting your furniture from water marks and spills while also adding a decorative touch to your coffee table or bar area. You can customize them with shell embellishments, rope edges, or other coastal-inspired details to make them truly unique and special.

Helpful Project Information:

Age Level: 12 and up
Mess Factor: Medium (paint)
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to Complete: Less than 1 hour, plus dry time
Cost Estimate: Less than $15.00 depending on what you already have
Craft supplies you will need

Craft supplies you will need


  • 4 round wood slices about 3-4” across and 1⁄8” thick
  • DecoArt Coastal Color Acrylic Paint Set
  • Duraclear coating or resin optional for durability

Craft tools

  • Paint brushes, fine tip
  • Paint palette

How to Make Coastal Wood Slice Coasters

  1. Make sure the wood slice surfaces are smoothly sanded before starting.
  2. Select five of the paint colors from the set for each coaster. Consider using three of the blues/greens and two of the taupes/browns. Don’t let the paint dry between colors as you want them to blend together.
  3. Start by painting the outer ring with the darkest blue/green color (Ultramarine Blue in this set). Layer in a lighter blue (Baby Blue) slightly overlapping the first ring.

Next, layer in the third blue (Peacock Teal). Paint uneven rounds and add another ring towards the center.

Add curved lines of brown paint (Dark Chocolate), blending in with the blues. Swirl in lines of Snow (Titanium) White, overlapping with previous colors.

Repeat the steps above with the following color combinations: -True Blue, Bahama Blue, Baby Blue, Teal Mint, Natural Buff -Ocean Blue, Peacock Teal, Dessert Sand, Bahama Blue, Pebble (+ White for accents) -Peacock Teal, Bahama Blue, Teal Mint, Pebble, Snow (Titanium) White.

Expert Crafting Tips

  • Once the paints are completely dry, you can optionally add a coat of DuraClear High Gloss Varnish or clear resin for durability.
  • We used birch wood slices, but you can paint on any kind of wood slice you want. Find birch rounds on Etsy, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or your local craft store. These are great natural wood slices as well!
  • Drill a small hole at the top of your wood slices to hang them as ornaments for the holidays.
  • These coasters are perfect for house warming or hostess gifts.

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