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Pom pom and Pipe Cleaner Dolls

Bring a burst of whimsy and fun to your day with the Pom Pom and Pipe Cleaner Dolls, adorable little friends that are bursting with personality! These colorful creations are made from fluffy pom poms and whimsical pipe cleaners, carefully crafted into unique characters that will capture your heart. Perfect for playtime, decoration, or as a thoughtful gift, these sweet dolls are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

You will need

  • Yarn in assorted colours
  • Pipe cleaners (chenille sticks) – one and a half per doll
  • A round wooden bead in natural colour for the face of each doll – mine is 16mm
  • A smaller round wooden bead for pushing up under the skirt – 10mm
  • Permanent markers for the face
  • Pasta painted with nail polish before hand – I cant remember the actual name of the type of pasta that I used since the packet was discarded a while ago but choose something that looks like a short tube with flat ends
  • Sharp scissors and a fork for creating the pom pom

How to

Use a fork like in the picture below to create the pom pom for the hair. Once you’ve wrapped the yarn around your fork lots of times slip it off the end, tie it tightly with another separate strand of the same coloured yarn and trim the looped ends with sharp scissors. You will probably need to give the pom pom a bit of a trim to tidy it up but this can wait until you’ve threaded it through the bead.

Tie the pom pom to a chenille stick folded in half tightly and then pull it through the larger bead. You now have hair!

Now is the time to give it a trim.

Wrap your half-sized pipe cleaner around the neck tightly to make the arms, and push the piece of pasta up under that for the body.

To make the skirt I used three fingers to wrap the yarn around before sliding it off, threading the looped section over another strand of yarn, and tying the looped yarn around the pipe cleaner where the skirt should go.

Once you have tied it on then cut the loops and trim it a little to tidy up and shove the smaller bead up underneath the skirt to keep it in place.

Next draw your face on with permanent maker.

To make the little feet bend the ends of the pipe cleaner back over itself and into a foot shape. Unbend and wrap the toe of the foot with yarn and then fold back and wrap the whole foot and ankle with yarn, tying tightly at the end with a double knot.

And that, folks, is all there is to it.

But of course your little pom pom and pipe cleaner doll will be needing some friends…

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