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Egg Carton Jewellery Box

Transform a humble household item into a treasured keepsake with the Egg Carton Jewellery Box, a creative and functional masterpiece. This adorable box is crafted from an upcycled egg carton, transformed into a charming storage container for tiny treasures like beads, buttons, or other small trinkets. The perfect project for crafty hands or a thoughtful gift for any jewellery lover, this eco-friendly box is a delightful way to repurpose and reimagine everyday items.

You will need:

  • An egg carton as the base of the jewellery box – ours is a from 15-pack rather than the usual dozen but any size will do
    • Additional egg cartons to make into flowers (at least one but more is better)
    • Paint – we used acrylic paint
    • Tacky craft glue
    • Shiny mirror board or some foil wrapped around a square of scrap cardboard for the mirror
    • Scissors – a small, sharp pair is best for cutting egg cartons
    • Glitter (optional)
  • special note: I’d recommend using white or lighter-coloured egg cartons because the colours will come up far brighter. Saying that many children wouldn’t really care if their cover of paint is not ‘perfect’.

    How to:

    While this craft is very easy it does require drying time in between stages. For this reason we made ours over a period of three days, coming back to it at different times when the kids were ready and the previous stage was dry.

    Stage 1:Paint your egg carton. You will need to paint the inside, allow to dry, and then flip the egg carton over to paint the outside and allow that to dry.

    Stage 2:
    Make the flowers – you could do this while the egg carton is drying. This is the only part that my kids needed help with. Cutting out the flowers is very easy but cutting through egg carton is a lot different to cutting through paper or ever regular cardboard. It requires a bit more strength and patience, so you might need to do this part for them. First cut each egg cup into sections of however many petals you’d like the flower to have. I made ours with either four or eight petals.

    Once that is done, cut the petals into rounded shapes.

    Paint the flower shapes and allow them to dry before glueing together in layers.

    Stage 3:
    Decorate the egg carton. Arrange your flowers on the lid of the jewellery box, and even on the inside lid if you have made enough for that. Stick a piece of mirror board or a piece of cardboard covered with alfoil on the inside and voila – you have a lovely jewellery or collection box!

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