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Orange Peel Bird Feeder

The Orange Peel Bird Feeder is a creative and edible bird feeder that provides a tasty and nutritious treat for your feathered friends. Made by filling orange peels with peanut butter, seeds, and nuts, this unique feeder is not only a fun and easy DIY project but also a great way to reuse household waste. Simply hang the filled peels in a tree, and watch as the birds visit to enjoy their tasty snack. The orange peels provide a natural perch and the peanut butter acts as a adhesive, keeping the seeds and nuts in place. This charming feeder is perfect for kids and adults alike, and makes for a fun and educational outdoor activity.

Pop Secret Popcorn
Peanut Butter
Oranges or Clementines

I mixed the popcorn, birdseed, and peanut butter all together in a bowl. No measuring, just dumped what I thought would be a good amount of each so they would stick together.

I then sliced some clementines in half and scooped out the pulp. Using the paperclips, I poked them through the rind and created little hangers on each side. I cut a short length of string and tied each end to a paperclip.

Using a spoon, I scooped some of the birdseed mixture into the rinds. I had quite a bit left over, so I scattered it on the ground under some of our trees. You could also put it in an container and use it to refill the clementine rinds after the birds snack on their treat.

This would be fun to make with the kids on a rainy day or for a fun little fall project when the birds are looking for seeds & food to get ready for winter. And since I’m the only person who eats popcorn in our house, I always have a bit left in the bag that I don’t want to just throw away.

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