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Toilet Paper Roll Rocket

Transform a simple toilet paper roll into a fun and creative rocket ship with just a few easy steps. This DIY project is not only a great way to repurpose household items, but it also provides a fun and imaginative activity for kids of all ages. Let your creativity soar as you blast off into outer space with your very own toilet paper roll rocket!

Supplies Needed for a Toilet Paper Roll Rocket

  • Toilet paper rolls – Empty toilet paper tubes are the perfect shape to make a fun little rocket ship! If you do not have toilet paper rolls, you can cut a paper towel roll in half and use it.
  • Glue stick – A simple school glue stick is all you need to attach the decorations to your toilet paper roll rocket craft.
  • Acrylic paint – I like to use bold colors like red or purple to paint the cardboard rolls, but you can use any color that you want!
  • Scissors – If you are working with young children, you may consider using safety scissors.
  • Paper streamers – Choose any color of paper streamers that you want! They will mimic the “flames” coming form the bottom of a rocket ship. You can choose colors that match the ship, or go with yellow and orange to make it look more like real flames.
  • Heart hole punch – Use a heart hole punch, or another fun shape, to make decorations that you can glue onto the outside of your ship!

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Rocket

  1. Paint a toilet paper roll in the color of your choice, or wrap it in a piece of craft paper and glue securely. Allow the paint to dry completely before adding things onto the rocket ship.
  2. While the paint dries, print the provided template and cut out the triangle. Then trace the triangle onto the color of cardstock that you want to use for rocket fins.
  3. Next, cut 4 paper streamers, two in red and two in purple. However, if you would like to use different colors then cut two in each of the chosen colors.
  4. Glue the streamers onto the middle of the triangle that you previously cut out.
  5. Once the painted roll is completely dry, then cut two slits on either side of the bottom of the toilet roll rocket. Insert the triangle into the slits, point first.
  6. Then punch out heart shapes, or other small shaped cutouts, from your choice of colored cardstock. You can also trace the hearts from the card stock. These will act as the little windows of the rocket, so even small round cutouts will work!
  7. To hang the streamers, make two holes at the top of the rocket and tie twine in a loop.
  8. Then your rocket is ready for take-off!

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