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Crochet Adorable Bag

Create a charming handbag using the art of crocheting. Craft a delightful accessory that is not only stylish but also practical. By crocheting an adorable bag, you can customize the design, size, and color to suit your personal taste and needs. Whether you prefer a small clutch for a night out or a spacious tote for everyday use, crocheting allows you to tailor the bag to your liking. Crocheting an adorable bag can also be a fun and rewarding experience. You can experiment with different stitches, patterns, and embellishments to make your handbag truly unique. Additionally, crocheting is a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can help reduce stress and improve focus. So, gather your yarn, crochet hook, and creativity, and start crafting your own one-of-a-kind bag today! 


  • Chocolate Brown Yarn
  • 6 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Craft Scissors

Crochet Abbreviations:

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

Crochet Satchel Pattern:

Row 1: Ch 22. Work a dc into the 2nd ch from the hook, dc in the next 20 st (20 total dc st).

Row 2: Turn, ch 2, dc back loop only until you reach the end of the row, ending with a dc stitch (20 total dc st).

Row 3: Turn, ch 2, dc front loop only until you reach the end of the row, ending with a dc stitch (20 total dc st).

Row 4-28: Repeat rows 2 & 3. Finish off, weave in ends.

Strap: Ch 98. Work a dc into the 2nd ch from the hook, dc into the next 96 stitches. Finish off, weave in ends.

Step One – Complete the crochet pattern. Your crochet piece will be approximately 18″ long. Fold the bottom six inches up and, using a yarn needle and extra strands of yarn, sew the sides together.

Step Two – Attach the strap to the satchel. Use yarn and the yarn needle to sew the strap to the sides of the satchel.

Step Three – Weave in any loose ends of yarn.

Step Four – (Optional) Add embellishments like leather, clasps, and charms.

I loved personalizing this bag by weaving a few strips of leather into the crochet stitches.


  • As you can see in the photo, I created a flap for this bag. When sewing your sides up, don’t fold it completely in half. You may find that using a stitch marker or two helps keep things even.
  • Instead of one solid color, try different colors for the bag and strap. You could even make it striped.
  • Try single crochet stitches, instead of double. Make sure the finished length is the same though.
  • Line the entire bag with a fun, coordinating fabric.
  • Easily make this beautiful bag adult-sized. Just add stitches to the width and extra rows to make it larger.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When choosing crochet projects, always check the skill level needed, to be sure it’s a good fit for you.
  • Crochet hook size can make a real difference in the finished size of your crochet items. If you tend to crochet quite tightly, it may be beneficial to go up a size. If your crochet stitches tend to be loose, go down a size.
  • Only have worsted weight yarn, but the pattern calls for bulky yarn? No problem! Just use two strands of worsted weight yarn, held together.
  • For easy washing, choose a cotton yarn.

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