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Easy Bath Salts Recipe (Wedding Favors Idea)

Indulge in the soothing and rejuvenating experience of a luxurious bath with your very own homemade bath salts. Unleash your creativity and experiment with various ingredients to create a personalized blend that will transport you to a state of pure relaxation. This project is easy and fun to make with the simple stated materials. This project can be completed in no time. It is a great gift to friends and family. This project can be a great addition to your handmade items.

Bath Salt Recipe (Ingredients)

  • 1 cup of epsom salt
  • 1 cup of coarse himalayan sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • essential oils (any scent you like)
  • glass vials 
  • bowl for mixing
  • spoon

How many containers will this recipe fill?

This recipe (which has 2 cups of salt total) will fill 12 glass vials, like mine. If you select a different size vial or container – many options can be found here, the number of containers this recipe fills will change.

The vials usually list the volume capacity in mL. And every cup of bath salts is approximately 236 mL. So you can figure out how many containers or vials you’ll need from there.

How to Make Bath Salt Party Favors

1. Mix everything.

Start by mixing the himalayan sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda in a bowl. I like to use a much bigger bowl than needed to avoid spills.

2. Add essential oils.

Next, add several drops of your favorite essential oils, until you’ve reached the desired scent. Stir with spoon.

3. Add to containers.

Pour mixture into glass vials until full. You may need to use a funnel for this, which can be as simple as one you make from paper.

4. Plug with cork.

Add corks to each vial to plug them up. Mine came with cork stoppers.

5. Add gift tag.

Then tie a small gift tag to each vial with string. I made these gift tags with scrap paper, using the same technique as my watercolor DIY gift tags.

For Weddings

Add guests names and table numbers to the gift tag for a fragrant guest favor that pulls double duty as an escort card. Or make a smaller number of vials and give them as gifts to your wedding party instead.
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