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DIY Modern Hexagon Coasters Out of Wood and Cork

Create your own stylish hexagon coasters by combining wood and cork in this fun and easy DIY project. Start by cutting out hexagon shapes from a piece of wood using a saw or a cutting tool. Sand down the edges to ensure a smooth finish. Next, cut out hexagon shapes from a sheet of cork that are slightly smaller than the wood pieces. These modern hexagon coasters are not only practical for protecting your surfaces, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your home decor. Let your creativity shine with this simple and customizable project!

So here’s what you need to make your own hexagon coasters

  • 2 mm thick balsa wood
  • black cord leather
  • a cutter
  • fine abrasive paper
  • hexagon template
  • a pencil
  • thin Washi tape
  • black and white spray paint
  • scissors
  • strong glue (forgot that in the picture above)

Print out this hexagon template and cut out the hexagon. Place it on the basal wood and follow the edges with the pencil.

Take the cutter and cut out the hexagons (make sure to place a cutter board underneath!).

Smooth the edges with the abrasive paper.

Take the thin Washi tape and stick the pattern you see above on the wooden hexagon.

Follow this steps for all coasters (I made about six but make as many as you like!). Make sure that the Washi tapes sticks perfectly. I adjusted the ones above before adding the paint.

Now take your wood coasters outside and spray paint it. I made some black and some white. The best way to paint them is to put them in a cardboard box and add just a thin layer of paint.

Once they’re dry, place the wooden coasters on the black cord leather and cut out the shape.

Now stick those to the back of your coasters so they won’t scratch any delicate surfaces that you might put those on. That would totally defeat their purpose…

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