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How to Make Ninja Stress Balls

These unique stress balls are designed to help you unleash your inner ninja and conquer stress like a true warrior. Made with high-quality materials, these stress balls are durable and provide the perfect amount of resistance to help you squeeze away your worries. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed at work or just need a moment of relaxation, Ninja Stress Balls are the perfect solution to help you find your inner peace. It can be given as a gift to friends and family.

To make them you will need:

  • Balloons – white or yellow for the face, and other colors for the ninja mask
  • Scissors
  • Sandwich baggies – either fold-over or ziploc (if you use ziploc, you’ll have to cut the zipper off)
  • Flour or play dough
  • Ballpoint pen

Step 1: Fill a baggie with 3/4 cup of flour (or play dough). Filling a baggie is SO much easier than trying to stuff a balloon with flour! We saw this tip on Tip Junkie from a link in Red Ted Art’s juggling balls post, and it made the job so much easier.

Step 2: Fold over the baggie and squeeze out all the air. Cut the blowing end off of a white balloon so that you are left with a round balloon with a hole.

Step 3: Stuff the baggie filled with flour or play dough into the balloon.

Step 4: Cut off the blowing end of another balloon. Cut an opening for the ninja face. Then, stretch this balloon over the white balloon with the opening facing the opposite way (so that the flour baggie can’t come out). Add a ninja face with a ballpoint pen. We tried Sharpie initially, and the faces kept rubbing off when the boys played with them. We made another ninja ball and used ballpoint pen, and the face still looks great even after lots of handling.

If you find that even ballpoint pen ink comes off, try a different pen. That helped for us.

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