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DIY Painted Strawberry Herb Planter

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to add a touch of charm to your herb garden? Look no further than this delightful DIY project - a hand-painted strawberry herb planter! With just a few simple materials and a bit of artistic flair, you can transform an ordinary terracotta pot into a whimsical masterpiece that will brighten up any space. This DIY painted strawberry herb planter is not only a practical way to grow your favorite herbs but also a stunning decorative piece that will make your garden stand out. By adding a personal touch to your gardening endeavors, you'll create a space that reflects your creativity and love for nature.

Supplies: round ceramic planter, oregano herb plant (additional soil may be needed), broad paint brush, angle paint brush, Martha Stewart craft paint in wedding cake, tartan red and chamomile.

I thought this planter looked a little on the sleek and glossy side so I painted a quick white coat of paint (using a broad brush) so that later the red would adhere well.

The white coat took about 20 minutes to dry, but it was a very light coat so that was to be expected. I then painted 3 coats of red, and waited about 30 minutes between coats just to make sure it fully dried between coats. I even set the planter near a fan to help it along.

Brush strokes will show, but if you don't like this you can add a little water and go heavy on the paint and keep the pressure light as you apply the paint. But I like the way the strokes look so I didn't water down the paint at all.

This was the fun part! I used the side of the angle brush to create the strawberry seeds.

Once all was dry (I waited a couple of hours, or you can cure it which will take about 28 days) I added the oregano plant, and I also gave it a little water so it could settle in.






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