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How to Sew a Handy Travel Cutlery Roll Placemat

Are you tired of rummaging through your bag for cutlery every time you're on the go? Why not put your sewing skills to good use and create a handy travel cutlery roll placemat? This practical and stylish accessory will not only keep your cutlery organized but also provide a clean and convenient surface for your meals. This unique accessory will not only keep your cutlery organized but also serve as a convenient placemat wherever your adventures take you.

How to sew a travel cutlery roll and placemat

You will need to cut 4 pieces of fabric. They can be all the same fabric, as I have here or you could mix and match for a patchwork effect.

The back - 13" x 15" (33cm x 38cm)

2 Front pieces - one 10.5" x 13" (27cm x 33cm) and one 5.5" x 13" (14cm x 33cm)

The Pocket - 5.5" x 7" (14cm x 18cm)

Plus a length of coordinating ribbon 34" (86cm)

Sewing the cutlery roll

Start by turning a small double hem on the pocket piece at the top and stitching it.

Place the large front piece face up, lay the pocket piece face down in the bottom right corner and layer the smaller front piece on top, also face down. Stitch down the right side.

Open up and press. Fold the ribbon in half and pin it 5" (12.5cm) from the bottom of the left side.

Lay the back piece on top, right sides together and stitch round leaving a gap for turning. Just take care to make sure you don’t catch the ribbon in your stitches anywhere other than the place on the left side where you pinned it.

Trim the corners to reduce bulk then turn out through the gap. Use something like a chopstick to get right into the corners. Press and then top stitch all round.
Mark a line 2.5" from the top and stitch across to make a fold line and press.

That's it! Your cutlery roll/placemat/desk spill saver is finished. Tuck a napkin and your cutlery into the pocket, flap the top down to keep everything secure and then roll it all up and tie with the ribbon.

When you are ready to eat just untie the ribbon and open up your cutlery roll placemat and enjoy your meal. Bon Appetit!

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