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How to make a DIY Unicorn Ornament with a Mason Jar Ring

Create your very own magical unicorn ornament using a Mason jar ring. This fun and creative project will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor. This project is perfect for crafters of all skill levels and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it. Let your imagination run wild and create a magical unicorn ornament that will be cherished for years to come.


  • Metal Ring from Mason Jar Lid
  • White and pink cardstock
  • Gold glitter felt scrap (for best eco-friendly option add your own eco-friendly glitter to a scrap of felt or cardstock)
  • Scrap yarn - white or variegated looks great!
  • Glue that will stick to yarn like hot glue or Fast Grab glue


DIY Unicorn Ornament Step 1:

Wrap your choice of yarn around the ring until it’s covered. When tying it off, tie a loop to hang your ornament with.

DIY Unicorn Ornament Step 2:

Cut out cardstock or foam to make two ears and a unicorn horn.

I used white for the outside of the ears and pink for the inside. You could also use one piece for each ear and color the middle to look more like a unicorn ear.

DIY Unicorn Ornament Step 3:

If using two pieces for each ear, glue them together.

Then glue your ears to the back of your mason jar ring and the horn on the front.

DIY Unicorn Ornament Step 4:

To make the unicorn mane, take the yarn and form several loops that are the length you want the mane to be.

Tie them together at the top. Cut the loops so that you have several yarn strands making your mane.

DIY Unicorn Ornament Step 5:

Using one of the strands of yarn, tie the mane to your ornament.

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