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DIY Ombre Tulip Spring & Easter Wreath

This handmade wreath is perfect for adding a touch of springtime cheer to your front door or interior decor. The ombre effect created by the varying shades of tulips adds a modern and stylish twist to the traditional Easter wreath. Feel free to customize the colors of the tulips to match your existing decor or personal preference. Hang your beautiful creation proudly and enjoy the festive and welcoming atmosphere it brings to your home during the spring season.

To make this you will need:

8 small bunches of faux tulips (I bought mine at Michaels on BOGO so they were super thrifty!)
1 grapevine wreath form
1 small bird’s nest (from the dollar store, but I’ve also seen them at Michael’s)
3 colourful faux Easter Eggs
Glue Gun and hot glue
Ribbon for hanging the wreath

To begin, I found the bottom center of the grapevine wreath, and then just tucked the tulip bunches into and in between the branches of the grapevine to hold them secure. Any piece that came out the back or bottom, I just twisted back up into the wreath. I built them up in an ombre form, with lighter tulips at the bottom leading to darker ones so they flow up by colour.

I then glued a little bird’s nest into the center and added three Easter Eggs, attaching them with more hot glue. I prefer to tuck the flowers instead of glue so it’s easier to take the wreath apart and make something new when I feel like it!

It was super quick and easy and I absolutely love how this DIY wreath turned out!

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